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Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

Wyatt Precision Machine and its employees are committed to meeting the quality requirements of our customers to drive customer satisfaction. We will always strive to provide unquestionable quality and service in the most efficient and consistent manner possible through a process of continual improvement.


  • ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D certified. (Certification click here)

  • Use of statistical manufacturing/quality techniques. Charts/graphs are available per customer request.      

  • Highly trained staff ensures client requirements are incorporated with "first time" quality.

  • Finest precision-machined hardware available.

Quality Objectives

Wyatt Precision Machine, Inc., seeks to improve by pursuing the following quality objectives: 


  1. Achieve individualized customer quality ratings of 98% or better, as measured by the total quantity of conforming product divided by the total quantity of delivered product.

  2. Achieve individualized customer on-time delivery ratings of 98% or better, as measured by the number of on time deliveries divided by the number of deliveries.  




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